Kamaroutes Travel Designers

I was looking for a name… Something different. That is how I came up with Kamaroutes.

The company started as a MBA project. I remember our lecturer telling us that if we were doing this degree without having a clue of what business ownership/management was, we were wasting our time. So I started one, which I thought would also be the focus of my dissertation when I would reach my final year. I was still a tour consultant then and didn’t think about it as something that would one day become my main focus and main source of income.

I started looking for names. I didn’t want the usual “Africa travel dot com”, “Africa voyage dot fr”, “Visit Africa” or “Discover this and that” kind of name. I wanted something different, that would not be easy to forget but that would be unusual as well. While searching on the internet, I read that “Kama” was one the most ancient names of Africa. Egyptians used to use the root Kam/Kem to refer to themselves and the continent as a whole. This same word, “Kam” was at the origin of the biblical word “Cham” to design our race (Source). I liked it; plus my tribe actually descends from Egypt so I opted for “Kama”. The word “Route”, whether in English or French is self-explanatory. That is how Kamaroutes Travel Designers, my tour operator was born.

Three years later, I am proud to say Kamaroutes is till there, growing stronger every day and now marketing 9 unique destinations in Africa. 90% of the bookings we get come from recommendations of satisfied clients and a portion of our bookings goes to one of the charities we work with. Most of our staff is made up of graduates or third year students who need an internship to complete their degrees. In the years to come, we intend to play an even more important role when it comes to tourism development in South Africa but at the moment, we focus on making our customers happy and showing them the beauty of Africa. For more information about our offers, please visit our website here.