Creative And Moving

It started in 2011 as a blog. Eight years later, it won the Outstanding Tourism Entrepreneurship Award

When I arrived in South Africa, a friend of mine and myself decided to start a lifestyle blog. My posts would focus on tourism and hers would focus on everything “creative” ( marketing, music, arts, etc…). And that is how Creative And Moving was born.

With time and distance however it became more and more difficult to keep our schedule. Even when later I tried to handle the blog alone, things got even more complicated as I was still studying and had started working as well. So Creative And Moving took a step back as I decided to focus on my studies and career.

This is what used to be Creative And Moving…

For a couple of years, the platform was dormant: I needed to figure out what to do with it. After getting my tourism degree, I realized the industry was getting bigger everyday but I also needed more experience to gain my customers’ trust. I had an event management qualification that I decided to put to the test by launching the first edition of the Miss Cameroon South Africa pageant. The event was a huge success and the venue was almost sold out. I decided not to continue with the beauty pageant franchise and started advertising my services as a tourism marketer instead.

Today, Creative And Moving has worked with numerous brands but is now focusing on empowering tourism startups. That is why we started Tourism Entrepreneur, a programme through which we mentor, market and support tourism brands. For students, we have specific tools we developed to assist them, as I personally know how tough it is to study while building a brand. We’ve partnered with institutions like the University of Johannesburg and Tshwane University of Technology to assist final year students with such challenges.

After working on it for 2 years, the programme was recognized by industry experts for its contribution to the growth of the tourism sector in Africa. We won the Outstanding Entrepreneuship Award at the Africa Tourism Leadership Forum… This was definitely one of the best moments of my career. It reminded me of my dream: see our continent emerge as a top, sustainable tourism destination. A dream we will keep nurturing and working hard to achieve with our like-minded partners and all the actors of the industry.