Explorest: The travel app making location scouting great again (USA)

Justin Myers for Tourism Entrepreneur podcast

While preparing episode #6, I came across some interesting stats that showed that in the UK only, 40% of millennials consider how instagrammable a location is before thinking about travelling there… Well let’s be fair, it’s not only a millennial thing, we can all agree that a great picture can make us dream about a […]

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Tourism content marketing with Peter Fabricius ( South Africa)

Peter Fabricius for tourism entrepreneur podcast

As tourism restarts in an increasing number of countries, many companies are looking for effective ways to reconnect with their customers. This however might  be more complicated for some businesses, as financial distress caused by months of lockdown might motivate them to adopt/copy inappropriate strategies in a bid to survive. Today’s guest, will help us figure […]

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Tackling climate change through tourism with wayaj (HAITI)

Nelly Gedeon of Wayaj

Click here to listen to this episode on Spotify During a family trip to Togo (West Africa) , seasoned traveller Nelly Gedeon realised the devastating effects of global warming on the environment. When she returned to the United States, she started researching the impact of tourism on the environment and found out up to 9% […]

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Tourism marketing during a pandemic with Natalia Rosa (South Africa)

Natalia Rosa of big Ambitions

I first met Natalia Rosa when she agreed to be a pro bono speaker at the first edition of the tourism entrepreneur workshop in 2018. She is one of the women in tourism who inspire me the most and having her on the show was the extra motivation I needed. On this episode, Natalia spoke […]

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