Tourism marketing during a pandemic with Natalia Rosa (South Africa)

Natalia Rosa of big Ambitions

I first met Natalia Rosa when she agreed to be a pro bono speaker at the first edition of the tourism entrepreneur workshop in 2018. She is one of the women in tourism who inspire me the most and having her on the show was the extra motivation I needed. On this episode, Natalia spoke […]

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Introducing: The Podcast

The tourism entrepreneur podcast is an initiative from Creative And Moving, following the success of the workshops and training sessions hosted for the past 3 years. The podcast is primarily a platform for ( and about) tourism entrepreneurs from Africa and beyond and the first season is set to air from August till November. Its […]

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How To Reinvent Your Tourism Brand

Because of the ongoing global crisis, most tourism and hospitality brands are more than before faced with a harsh reality: they need to either adapt or die. I personally get a lot of questions and requests from students and entrepreneurs on how they can amend their business strategy in order to stay relevant in the […]

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