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My name is Vanessa Mbenoun and I am an entrepreneur passionate about building successful tourism brands for Africa.

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Branding and Strategy

Let’s talk about your existing tourism brand – or the one you wish to create- and make it stand out. Our dedicated team will help you take your venture to the top, where it belongs.

Workshops and Podcast

I host virtual courses and workshops to assist those in need of support. We are also launching a podcast specifically for tourism entrepreneurs in August 2020. Check it out below

Tailor-made Experiences

Kamaroutes was born out of a dream: put the African continent on the global tourism map. My vision is coming true, what about yours? Let’s plan the African journey of your dreams today

Entrepreneurship: A Risky But Rewarding Adventure

I don’t exactly remember when mine started, but what is certain is that it is not over yet.

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  • Shoot My Travel: Redefining on-demand Travel Photography (Colombia
    Through our workshops, I have met a lot of young entrepreneurs who would love to create more opportunities for themselves but think because of their background, the colour of their skin or their gender, they shouldn’t be too ambitious. Our guest’ story is a reminder that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and […]
  • Explorest: The travel app making location scouting great again (USA)
    While preparing episode #6, I came across some interesting stats that showed that in the UK only, 40% of millennials consider how instagrammable a location is before thinking about travelling there… Well let’s be fair, it’s not only a millennial thing, we can all agree that a great picture can make us dream about a […]
  • Travographer: The Rise of the Private Travel Paparazzi ( India)
    The next 4 episodes will be focusing on a trend that was already huge before the covid19 crisis and which will certainly survive it: Travel photography and Virtual Reality in tourism. As you may know, millennials are the fastest growing demographic of travel but they’re also the ones driving this trend. Indeed according to WeSwap, […]

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