How to amplify the Voices of Black Travellers with Ella Paradis (BENIN)

Ella Paradis for TE Podcast

For the next 4 weeks we are going to explore a new topic which is kind of important if like me, you hope for a better, more diverse tourism industry. I am talking about the concept of Inclusivity in travel. We are going to talk to four entrepreneurs who have been working tirelessly to make […]

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Virtual Events: Fad or here to stay- with Venicia Guinot (Congo)

Venicia Guinot for TE Podcast

According to Ruben Castano of virtual events solution platform 6Connex, the virtual event industry has increased by 1000% over the last few months. The covid19 pandemic badly impacted large and even small scale events worldwide so logically, organizers had to look for suitable alternatives. Although going virtual was one of the best options at the […]

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Reshaping Tourism through AR/VR ( Armenia & Austria)

Albert Poghosyan for TE Podcast

Today’s episode is the last of our series on travel photography and Virtual Reality and I am very excited to chat to our guests, who are experts in the fields of VR and E-tourism. It’s quite an interesting topic and it is important to note last year already, the global virtual reality market size was […]

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Shoot My Travel: Redefining on-demand Travel Photography (Colombia)

Valerie Lopez of Shoot My Travel

Through our workshops, I have met a lot of young entrepreneurs who would love to create more opportunities for themselves but think because of their background, the colour of their skin or their gender, they shouldn’t be too ambitious. Our guest’ story is a reminder that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and […]

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