Reshaping Tourism through AR/VR ( Armenia & Austria)

Albert Poghosyan for TE Podcast

Today’s episode is the last of our series on travel photography and Virtual Reality and I am very excited to chat to our guests, who are experts in the fields of VR and E-tourism. It’s quite an interesting topic and it is important to note last year already, the global virtual reality market size was valued at more than 10 billion dollars. It is also predicted in the near future, VR videos will become the ultimate tool in tourism marketing and travel planning. We will talk about how this specific technology can be used to revive the tourism industry and practical ways for small tourism businesses to adopt Virtual Reality. Albert Poghosyan, the founder of 360 Stories is our special guest and Prof. Roman Egger, head of the department of innovation and management in tourism of the university of Salzburg in Austria will be joining us later to answer our listeners’ questions.

Please feel free to contribute to the show or suggest entrepreneurs you want us to chat to, by sending an email to 

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