Shoot My Travel: Redefining on-demand Travel Photography (Colombia)

Valerie Lopez of Shoot My Travel

Through our workshops, I have met a lot of young entrepreneurs who would love to create more opportunities for themselves but think because of their background, the colour of their skin or their gender, they shouldn’t be too ambitious. Our guest’ story is a reminder that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and your idea. She founded a global marketplace connecting travellers with on-demand professional photographers in more than 500 destinations around the world. Her company has raised over a million dollar in VC funding and if you haven’t read about her on The New York Times or Forbes, be sure to catch her today on the tourism entrepreneur podcast. Today’s episode is the third of our series on vacation photography and Valerie Lopez, the founder of Shoot My Travel is our guest.

Please feel free to contribute to the show or suggest entrepreneurs you want us to chat to, by sending an email to 

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