Travographer: The Rise of the Private Travel Paparazzi ( India)

Kapil Arora from Travographer

The next 4 episodes will be focusing on a trend that was already huge before the covid19 crisis and which will certainly survive it: Travel photography and Virtual Reality in tourism.

As you may know, millennials are the fastest growing demographic of travel but they’re also the ones driving this trend. Indeed according to WeSwap, 31% of millennials said that posting holiday pictures online is just as important as the holiday itself and 90% of them share their vacation photos on social media during their trip. 

The demand for Instagram-worthy travel pictures has paved the way for innovative services like Travographer, which aims to provide travellers with the best on-demand local photographers, to capture & preserve beautiful memories anywhere in the world. Travographer’s co-founder, Kapil Arora is our special guest today.

Please feel free to contribute to the show or suggest entrepreneurs you want us to chat to, by sending an email to 

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