Trends: Tanzania, wedding tourism and Airbnb

According to the latest rankings by tourism platform Safari bookings , Tanzania remains the preferred destination for foreign visitors when it comes to leisure travel in Africa. Botswana comes second, followed by Zambia, Kenya and South Africa.

Talking about South Africa, the Western Cape winelands area is experiencing a huge growth in “wedding tourism”, with couples around the world travelling to the region for their special day. Indeed “It is not only locals that are flocking to the area to host celebrations, foreigners are taking advantage of the great exchange rates too.” explains Aimee Pace in her post about the wedding tourism trend that you can read HERE

We can also notice a rise in tourism and hospitality investments around the continent and it is pleasing to see not only the biggest players are concerned. Tourism development company HDB, announced a series of investments in hotel and tourism facilities on the island of Sao Tome and Principe to help preserve and enhance the ecosystem of the surrounding waters and islets. You can read more about it HERE.

And lastly, Airbnb just launched “Experiences in Johannesburg” a platform showcasing activities or excursions led by  local hosts. “Passionate entrepreneurs can submit unique experience ideas for their area as Airbnb is now open for host submissions from across all of South Africa” Airbnb country manager for South Africa Velma Corcoran said. You can read more about the initiative HERE

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